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Welcome to Graymont Grade School.....Eighth Grade Graduation is Wednesday, May 22nd at 7:00pm

Boys and Girls should have Separate PE

I think boys and girls should have separate P.E. Boys can sometimes be more competitive. It has come to my attention some girls at school don’t want to participate during the class. This makes grades low and bullying more frequent. Some kids were bullied because of skills and having friends/hanging out with friends. I’ve noticed how the boys can be too aggressive with some girls. This makes girls feel like school is . . .

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Sargent Stubby

Sergeant Stubby In World War I, a dog named Stubby met a soldier named Robert Conroy. Stubby worked with Robert until he was deployed to a faraway country. Stubby was supposed to stay with the cook in America, but after about one minute of staying with the cook, Stubby broke free from the leash and hopped on Robert’s boat. When the boat arrived in the Yankee division Stubby was overjoyed to be with his owner in . . .

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Rooks Creek School District History

In 1997, Rooks Creek celebrated its 50th or Golden Anniversary. Mrs. Nivana Ahrends did the work to collect historical photos and articles of the district. Using her information, we'd like to dedicate this page to the Rooks Creek Community and all of its faculty, staff, students, administrators, and board members who have shaped this district. A thank you to all the community members who have supported the district. On April . . .

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